After Effects, Photoshop, Figma


To build the shipping aggregator and upgrade the platform to become more accessible for effectively addressing the client's needs.

Our design projects are a labor of love.

They encompass various industries, a diverse range of tasks, and, most importantly, are infused with creativity and ideas from our team. We want to share our Locad case to demonstrate everything we've mentioned above with a real-life example.

Locad is the logistics engine enabling e-commerce brands with a cloud supply chain to grow their omnichannel business and automatically store, pack, ship, and track orders across Asia-Pacific.

What request did the client come up with to Codebridge?

The client reached out to us on Upwork, and the original request was to create a shipping aggregator product that will help users ship and manage parcels from their own locations.

What client pains were solved?

Our designer, Oleksandra, has been successfully working with the client for 1.5 years. During this time, she not only built the shipping aggregator but also continuously improved and modernized it. She incorporated new features, enhanced usability, and made the platform more accessible to address the client's needs effectively.

Unique aspects from the UI/UX perspective include a seamless onboarding process, intuitive navigation, visual feedback through animations, and a focus on accessibility for all users.

"As a designer, I've learned the importance of user feedback and collaboration with development teams. Staying updated with design trends and embracing an iterative design process has been crucial to creating a user-centric product.

This project has allowed me to sharpen my skills as a designer and apply new insights to create a more user-friendly and visually appealing product", - commented onher involvement in the project Oleksandra.

Programs in which we created UI/UX magic: After Effects, Photoshop, Figma.

Client's feedback

"Olexandra has been designing UX for Locad, and we have been delighted with her work. Her designs have made a severe impact on the usability of our product. She has been responsive to our requests and responsible for delivering results. We are excited to continue growing our business with the help of Olexandra and Codebridge".

Bennett Tong, Product Manager at LOCAD