After Effects, Webflow, Figma


To create application that allows marketers to outline their strategies.

It's a desktop application that allows marketing specialists to outline their strategies. The administrative section facilitates answering questions, and artificial intelligence supports generating content, resulting in a brief. Codebridge has developed this application, a landing page on WordPress, and a video explainer demonstrating how the platform works.

Anna Brytova, TAP Manager

From the very start, we decided with the client that we involve two UI/UX designers instead of one to have a broader perspective. This allowed us to challenge our design decisions and develop the best solutions.

We had weekly team meetings with the client, allowing us to discuss the feedback collectively and ideate different solutions. Most notably, our team stayed open to ideas and suggestions throughout the process.

Ihor  Bielousov, Graphic&Motion Designer

Talking about AI-generated images on the page, we used Midjourney 5.0 and Photoshop for the final retouch to create a set of visuals for the homepage. Whereas our first iterations were imperfect, generative AI tools allow flexible adjustments to achieve the desired results. The final images fit the page design perfectly.

And a few words about UI and UX animation. One of the ways to ease the users in and get to know the service better was to make an animation. The animation shows how one can quickly and easily create necessary text content. This usually takes quite a bit of time, but with the brandbuildr’s AI helper, it can be done in seconds.

Alona Novak, Junior UI/UX Designer

What was the inspiration behind the design of BrandBuildr?

The inspiration for the website design stemmed from the world of modern technology. The design aimed to capture the essence of cutting-edge AI technology by incorporating clean lines, stylish interfaces, and a futuristic aesthetic. The use of minimalistic elements, bold typography, and a streamlined color palette mirroring the innovative nature of AI was influenced by simplicity and sophistication. Ultimately, the visual branding aimed to convey a sense of forward-thinking, innovation, and the potential for transformative solutions that AI can offer.

What were some of the most significant design challenges you encountered while working on,and how did you overcome them?

One of the most significant design challenges was balancing minimalism and style while ensuring accessibility and user-friendliness for a diverse user base, including those new to AI technologies. Achieving a clean and modern look that conveyed the power of AI tools and understandably required careful consideration of layout, typography, and color choices. The challenge was to make AI processes appear approach able and intuitive, ensuring that users from various backgrounds could engage with the platform effectively.

Andrii Lyshtva, Junior Software Engineer

During my work on BrandBuildr, I encountered one of the most significant challenges: creating a highly customizable and easily maintainable testimonial section. We needed a solution that allows administrators to manage and update testimonials seamlessly without extensive technical knowledge. To overcome this challenge, we developed a custom solution incorporating a user-friendly interface, enabling administrators to effortlessly add, edit, and remove testimonials. Additionally, unexpected considerations emerged during development, particularly regarding SEO optimization. I employed new tools for in-depth testing across various scenarios to ensure optimal performance and visibility.

Collaborating with a skilled design team that provided a design ready for development was another crucial aspect of this project. The seamless communication and collaboration with the designer ensured a smooth workflow and efficient implementation of the design elements.

Clients’ feedback

Stephen Houraghan, Founder

Codebridge has been a dream to work with. I have had plenty of experiences with subpar developers and other service providers adding to problems instead of taking them away. Codebridge has been the opposite. They acted as not only the executor but a consultant. It gives me confidence to know I have this team available when I need them, and I’ll definitely be using them again.