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Interview with CODEBRIDGE UI/UX Experts

Codebridge contributes to the victory of Ukraine

"I advise staying in your workplaces for those who are not professional soldiers; it is better to raise the state's economy and support the army by volunteering or financially, as our company does."

Pavlo Stepanov, Junior QA Engineer, Captain of the Ukrainian Armed Forces
Ananga Thapaliya

Our hero in  #codebridgeteam is a man who combines high-quality skills as a Junior QA Engineer and during the war in Ukraine as a military of the Armed Forces - Pavlo Stepanov.

We talked to Pasha about his temporary employment change and shared a blitz interview with him.

Pasha, what are your tips for guys currently working in the specialty but may join the Armed Forces shortly?

Now there is not only a war in the military sense of the word but also economic, political, informational, etc. And at this stage, as an experienced military man, I advise staying in your workplace and not unnecessarily rushing to the front. After all, to perform tasks as assigned, you need experience. Therefore, it is better to raise the state's economy and support the army by volunteering or financially, as our company does.

For you to be a Junior QA Engineer is ...

Being a QA was another challenge for me, as I had a successful military career. At some point in my service, I have faced a burnout, and I decided to change my life completely. I have joined Codebridge, where got a job I loved, exciting tasks, and a fantastic team that supports me even now.

And the profession itself forces you to constantly think, look for extraordinary approaches and develop since different projects require different skills. Due to this, you never stand still but are continually improving.

For you to be a Soldier is ...

I have to be a soldier currently – it is my duty. After all, I am in an air defense division and have a high level of professional skills to restore and use the weapons of the Anti-Aircraft Missile Forces. Without air defense, the work of other types and branches of troops is impossible, so knowing the situation, I went to war without hesitation. It was scary, but when we work, the enemy inflicts many times less damage and cannot perform the combat mission to the extent contemplated.

Can you give your definition of "viability"?

In my opinion, viability is a quality that helps a person to adapt to  the circumstances and continue own activities despite critical conditions. This is what many of us need now – to continue working and developing the country's economy despite all the troubles. To spend time with the loved ones when there is no time at all, to hold on to the last when it is challenging, is viability.

What do you dream about the most now?

My greatest dream is the end of the war with our victory. And that all my comrades-in-arms to be alive and return to their relatives and the loved ones

What was the "good news" for you in a peaceful life, and what do you put in these words now?
The good news in my peaceful life for me was the news that my loved ones were all right. Nothing changed during the war. Just more people became dear to me.

What you lack as a military in moral terms?
Morally, the military lacks objectivity. During the war, people often get massive doses of adrenaline and begin to think that they can do anything, and this is preventing an objective assessment of the situation. I went through it by myself, but earlier, when was performing tasks in the anti-terrorist operation zone. If talking about me, I miss the peace and walks with my wife around evening Podil :)

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