The initial request was to update the designs and make them stand out, making them more wedding oriented.

If we were to create a rating of our projects, the website would undoubtedly win in the category of "Most Romantic Project." 

However, behind the beauty and romance, there is much hard work from our developers, designers, and project managers. So today, let's talk a bit about how our team worked on a project that currently has more than 10,000 clients and has been making the lives of newlyweds, preparing them for the most beautiful dance of their lives, a bit easier for three years now.

This large-scale project presented numerous challenges throughout its development, primarily owing to the unique usage requirements and development conditions. Particularly noteworthy is the substantial challenge posed by the intricate aspects of SEO. Overcoming these challenges demanded a comprehensive analysis of contemporary SEO evaluation methods and a close collaboration with a team of analysts. 

The project was constructed using WordPress and already employed a specific set of utilities and plugins that had to be utilized for development. For instance, Elementor was used for page creation, Green Popup was used for crafting popups, and Woocommerce was used for the payment system.

"This task required cooperation with the design team to develop a Flow that would be as pleasant as possible for the user. Considerable attention was paid to ease of use of the service and accessibility for the widest possible range of users," - commented on the project Andrii Lyshtva, Junior Software Engineer.

The main driver for changes was user feedback, prompting significant attention to recommendations from actual users. Some functionalities were altered based on feedback during usage. We consistently prioritize feedback, recognizing its direct impact on user satisfaction with the product.

Dmytro Galyas, Lead of TAP managers

The client already had a working and selling website. The initial request was to update the designs and make them stand out, making them more wedding oriented. In the process, we realized that the website could be more straightforward and faster. So, we took this opportunity to improve and optimize everything to our best effort.

The most challenging part was optimizing the website since it had so many interconnected WordPress modules that often conflicted with each other. However, our WP dev did a great job preserving existing functionality and expanding it based on the client's request.


Andrii Kohut, UI/UX Designer

This project presented intriguing design challenges. Throughout the creation of the website pages, extensive communication with the client occurred, involving reviews and requests for changes to almost every part of the site. Despite these challenges, the project was engaging, encompassing not only UI/UX tasks but also a variety of graphic design elements. Overall, it was a rewarding experience, and we are pleased that the client is satisfied with the result.


Maksym Pashkov, Co-owner& Operations manager

Our company was fortunate to find a professional, reliable, and creative partner in the face of Codebridge! We offer online wedding dance lessons for couples planning their wedding soon. Through our collaboration, we were able to structure our website, improve the design, and strategically highlight critical features for our potential clients, implementing and integrating these changes successfully.

I am confident that our collaboration with Codebridge will be mutually beneficial in the future.